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Jill Lush

Originally from Dublin, Jill is based now in Co. Wicklow. Jill is a mum of one and a business owner. After setting up her own business, she now delivers training as she realised that she loves training others on subjects that she is passionate about.
Having school going nieces and nephews, she could see the dangers of being online and the peer pressure from others in their class to get their own phone. This then brought the threats of being online. Jill pitied her brother and sister in law with the
troubles they were dealing with. However, now it is Jill’s turn! During the pandemic Jill thought it was safe for her daughter to be online as she sat beside her with the tablet locked on the app. However, after a short period of time, Jill could hear
language and interactions that were not appropriate for a child to hear. Since this moment, Jill has been passionate about the subject of online safety for children.