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Don’t miss a thing – CyberSafeKids is all over the place!

While everyone’s busy preparing to go back to school, CyberSafeKids are busy trying to find new ways to help you navigate the online world in a safer, smarter and stronger way.  In the past weeks, we have been asked to speak on podcasts, radio shows and news outlets regarding recent big tech privacy changes and our own upcoming events.

Here are some of them, which, after reading, watching or listening you will definitely be up to date with the latest developments to safeguard children’s privacy, and tips on how to protect your children online.

  1. The Big Tech Show: Making a Hash of iPhone privacy (around 35 minutes long) – our CEO Alex Cooney was invited to join the podcast host Adrian Weckler and UCD’s director of digital policy (and former Irish Council for Civil Liberties representative) Elizabeth Farries for a a discussion about whether Apple is right or wrong to scan photos from your iPhone to iCloud for potential child sexual abuse imagery. Listen here.
  2. Today with Claire Byrne: Online Safety and Privacy (only 12 minutes long) Alex Cooney, CEO of CyberSafeKids, Elizabeth Farries, Assistant Professor in Digital Policy at UCD and Ciara O’Brien, Technology and Business Reporter join together to talk about Apple’s new privacy changes and how they differ from social media platform safety measures. Listen here.
  3. Ireland AM: Keeping your Children Safe Online (only 10 minutes long) – our Chief Executive Alex Cooney joined  Virgin Media TV to offer some advice on what can parents do to keep their  children safe online, with them spending more and more time on their smart devices. Watch here.
  4. Experts respond to report on sharing of sexual abuse images online: read all about the latest figures from Read more here.

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Posted on:

Aug 28, 2021