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Advocacy & Campaigns

CyberSafeKids calls for:

A government strategy which outlines how we are going to address the issues arising from children’s use of smart devices and access to the online world. This strategy must set clear goals and measurable targets.


Industry Regulation & Accountability

We must ensure that there is robust monitoring and regulation of the online service providers to ensure the timely removal of harmful and illegal content, including an individual complaint mechanism available to the public

We need a clear focus on ensuring the safe and ethical design of apps and games so that all users, but particularly the most vulnerable, benefit from a safer user experience.

Public Awareness Campaigns

These should target parents and children with the aim of creating social norms around online safety. We must get to a place where parents can make informed decisions about their children’s online use and access.


There needs to be much greater focus given to the education of children and parents on online safety and digital well-being.

  • We believe that it is essential that all children benefit from a good Digital Literacy education at both primary and secondary level in schools. Digital literacy will need to become the fourth pillar of our education system, alongside reading, writing and arithmetic. This will require investment in curriculum development, teacher training and supplementary support materials resources.
  • Every school needs a digital champion (a teacher or principal) who can lead on policy development, support and delivery of digital literacy and digital wellbeing education to children, parents and teachers. This will involve training teachers, developing new resources and signposting to the many good resources that are available.