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Online or Offline, SAME RULES APPLY.

Supported by Accenture and the Community Foundation Ireland, this parental awareness campaign highlights the need to approach parenting children online in the same way we approach parenting them offline. Would you encourage them to talk to a stranger on the street? If the answer is “no”, then why let your child go online unsupervised?

Check out our interactive parenting guide and find out more about our digital parenting event below.


Online or Offline, SAME RULES APPLY.

To help you navigate the often choppy digital waters, and to ensure your child’s experiences online are as positive as they can be, with the support of Accenture and Community Foundation Ireland, CyberSafeKids bring you this digital parenting guide. Filled with practical tips and useful resources, it will help steer you in the right direction and give you confidence to support your children's online lives more effectively. The most important thing you can do as a parent to guide your child safely is to develop a strong relationship with them, make sure you listen, and have regular conversations about what is happening in their digital lives.

Continue to read the interactive booklet above or download a copy by clicking the button.

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Better Digital Parenting Event

Our Better Digital Parenting webinar took place on February 28th 2024.

Alex Cooney, CEO of CyberSafeKids, and  child and adolescent psychotherapist Debbie Cullinane joined Jen Hogan, journalist and columnist at The Irish Times, to discuss the challenges, opportunities and risks facing parenting in the digital age with an introduction from Deirdre Murphy, Accenture UKI Corporate Sustainability Lead.

This is now available to watch back by clicking the button below.

Online or Offline? SAME RULES APPLY.

Supported by Accenture, we began our Same Rules Apply parental awareness campaign in 2022.

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