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CyberSafe Tool for Schools

CyberSafe Tool for Schools is a free online tool and the first solution of its kind in Ireland. It offers a unique opportunity as a quick and efficient way to assess your school’s approach to online safety.

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the tool

Self-evaluate your school’s level of cybersafety against best practice.

By completing a short online survey you can get a clear snapshot of where your school stands on its online safety journey, measured against standards of best practice.

Register by email on, and you’re good to go! Relative to your school size your dashboard will give you a specific number of leaders, teachers and pupils who must complete the short online survey, which takes approximately 10 minutes. Once the surveys are complete you can submit the results and we do the rest.


Why use CyberSafe Tool for Schools?

  • Understand how cybersafe your school community is, including your strengths & weaknesses
  • Be ready when online safety issues arise in your school
  • Start to understand how to reduce the number of online safety issues in your school
  • Publicly demonstrate your commitment to online safety and be involved in a unique initiative in Irish primary schools
  • Educate your school community so they can be smart and safe online

All schools receive a notification of their level award and a basic confirmation of completion. If you want to display your school’s commitment to online safety you can then purchase our CyberSafe Tool for Schools digital award badge. Read on for more information on how to do this.



CyberAware, CyberSmart and Cyber Champion - what are they?

CyberSafe Tool for Schools is completely free and offers the opportunity to purchase a digital award badge to show your school's commitment to online safety.

We have 3 levels of award for schools depending on the results of the survey: CyberAwareCyberSmart and CyberChampion. You can display this digital award badge on your school website, social media channels and other school communication for 12 months from purchase. This mark is accompanied by a report with a breakdown of your school's results.