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Eimer Duffy

Eimer’s background is in social media and digital marketing. As a consultant and trainer, she provides guidance about being online, and likes staying up to date when it comes to social media, the different platforms and apps, and especially new developments in AI and how that is evolving. She's a big believer in keeping things simple when it comes to being online, which led Eimer into producing and co-hosting “The Let’s Get Social Show”, Ireland’s only social media and digital marketing radio show, covering all aspects of being online, in a relaxed and informative way.

Eimer understands the importance of online safety for children and likes to stay in the loop with her children and keep track of what they engage with. Through working with CybersafeKids, Eimer wants to share what to be aware of in the online world, how to stay safe and secure and to help children, parents and teachers navigate the digital landscape with confidence and safety.