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Adam Tallon (Cyber Ninja)

Adam has been immersed in technology from a very young age, with his first computer at the age of 9 opening a world of possibilities. Fortunately when Adam was younger, times were much more innocent, or a lack of online connectivity shielded people from the immense array of subjects that existed in the world. First hand experiencing the world pre-Internet boom and living in the current world of always on connectivity, throwing young kids into the mix, Adam has a drive and passion to make the online world that little bit less scary, easier to navigate and safer for kids and their parents.

“Growing up with the evolution of the internet was an amazing experience, being able to explore computers and the wonders the Internet held was a magical experience for a young kid. I want my kids, all kids to have that feeling that they can create, interact and that anything is possible in a safe and non-threatening environment.”