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CyberSafe eLearning – Something a Busy Parent or Teacher has Always Needed

With the support of ReThink Ireland, we have created an interactive online eLearning course, covering all the major aspects of online safety and digital citizenship for children and young people. The course is aimed at both parents and teachers and is self-paced, which means it will fit in with your lifestyle. 

The course covers all of the main areas of the online world to better empower parents, teachers and youth workers with 6 self-paced modules: 

  1. 💪Empowering 21st Century Citizenship (FREE introductory module)
  2. 🎮Game On!
  3. 🎯Tackling CyberBullying
  4. 🌐The Risks of Online World
  5. 🤩Keeping it Positive Online
  6. 📚Becoming Digitally Literate

Wondering whether to try or not to try the amazing CyberSafe eLearning course we have launched this week? 🤔

Here are 3 reasons why! 💪🤩

  1. ✅It consists of the latest and most useful tips available delivered to you by our online safety experts
  2. ✅It’s completely self-paced, meaning you have 3 months to complete it in your own time 
  3. ✅It’s built not only to be educational, but also to be interesting, fun and interactive

Sign up today!


Posted on:

Sep 29, 2021