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CyberSafeIreland releases its second Annual Report

CyberSafeIreland has released its Annual Report for 2017 detailing our progress over the last year and some key trends from our research relating to children’s use of the Internet. Some key findings are:

  • 69% teachers do not feel equipped to teach online safety in the classroom
  • 32% of children have not spoken to their parents about online safety in the last year
  • 219 incidents of cyberbullying identified
  • 16% of the children surveyed spend in excess of 4 hours online a day

Our report can be downloaded here

Posted on:

Sep 13, 2017


CyberSafeKids is an Irish charity, which has been empowering children, parents, schools and businesses to navigate the online world in a safer and more responsible way since 2015.