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CyberSafeKids Newsletter – exclusive tips, news and a chance to win €100!

Did you read the CyberSafeKids September Newsletter? It has all the latest news on our services and offerings and info on what kids are doing online. Check it out and look out for the chance to win a €100 One For All voucher.

The Newsletter is full of useful tips for both schools and parents on how to help their pupils or children navigate the online world in a safer, smarter and stronger way, as well by having subscribed to it, you will never miss an important event we are hosting or an opportunity we are providing for anyone to be more educated on online safety and a lot more.

And if you don’t want to miss our Newsletter in future, simply subscribe to our quarterly newsletter – which offers advice and support for parents and teachers so they can ensure Irish kids are stronger, smarter and safer in the online world. Subscribe today.


Posted on:

Sep 20, 2021