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Google’s New Safety Measures – our CEO Alex Cooney has her say!

Google has announced a raft of privacy changes for children who use their search engine and the YouTube platform. These changes are designed to make the apps safer for kids and the latest updates will make YouTube videos created by kids private by default, allow minors or their parents to request the removal of their images from Google Image results, turn SafeSearch on by default and more.

Our CEO and Co-Founder Alex Cooney spoke to the NewsTalk Breakfast this morning with more details on these changes. Click here to listen to the interview (it’s only 4 minutes, so no excuse not to!).

Alex talks about how what the biggest tech companies are doing is definitely a step forward in the right direction, but one could argue that it’s long overdue. She highlighted how Google is following other tech companies, as you might remember, TikTok announced changes for 13-16 year olds in January, TikTok announced changes for 13-16 year olds in January , Instagram announced similar changes last month. The question of age restrictions was raised in the interview and how there are many under 13 year olds, who are on the platforms, to which Alex commented, “The change is definitely positive and we want to see more of that, because children absolutely are on these platforms, they are using them and they need to be protected.”

Thanks for having us on again, NewsTalk Breakfast!

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Posted on:

Aug 11, 2021